Smethwick International 37th Exhibition of Photography
01st August 2012
Very pleased to have received Best colour score PDI & Annual Mono PDI Creative award for 2013-14 at Bromsgrove Photographic Club.

Delighted to have received 3 Acceptances as follows Boxer By His Name, Mr Rapscallion, and Seeing the Light, into the Trierenberg Super Circuit 2014

I'm delighted to receive an Highly commended for Bembridge Dawn and an acceptance for Seamen's Chapel in this prestigious competition.

The 2011-12 Season has been an eventful one for me at the BPS
I am pleased to have received 7 awards.
Best Score Colour PDI
PDI Panel
Monthly Competition award Advanced Colour
Best Aggregate
Annual MP
Advanced Colour Print
The Jill and Peter Young Award

7th October 2012
I am delighted to have received a number of acceptances and a Highly Commended for Burj Al Arab at the Swansea International Salon, 2012